Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Peanut pictures and video

Anyway, the reason I'm posting today is because I took some pictures and made a video that were inspired by my song, Peanuts Instead. The first set of pictures is called Salted peanuts. The sample photo is the one with one of the peanuts that looks like a shark's face coming at you sideways.

The next set is Balls of protein, taken from a lyric from my song. The sample photo is the birds-eye-view of meat, peanut M&Ms and broccoli.

The video is called Murder at the Peanuts Instead Photo Shoot. Making a video turned out to be more complicated than I had thought. But it was fun. It's kind of like a puzzle, trying to figure out ways to get what you want with the resources you've got. My own project got off to a bad start on May 25 when my stalkers were playing around with my buses (and my head.) It took me four hours to get home with a bagful of not-so-fresh-anymore meat. The sample photo is the knife blade being held against the label of the Balls of Protein jar. It was photographed from off my computer, so it's a little dark.

Problems with last blog; Peanuts Instead (song)

Welcome to my new new blog. I had started one a couple of weeks ago after getting an invitation from yahoo. It worked fine the first week. The second week there were problems, but I managed. Today, my blog was blank.Yahoo's blogging software is a beta version, so maybe that's the problem. But my blog is important to me. It's the only thing I think about now.

To bring you up to date...

On May 5, 2006, I said, "welcome to my blog.
I like the new picture on the geocities join page. Websites should let viewers choose the welcoming photo on their pages because some of those people I don't really enjoy seeing. (It's the one of the girl sitting up in the moving car, in case they change it.)"

Then on May 21, it was, "I tried to find voice synthesized singing software. I wanted to post occasional songs that are sung instead of just the midi melody like on the songs from my musicals, but I encountered various problems. So I'll have to keep going with the midi melodies and lyrics for awhile.The song is called Peanuts Instead. Also, the Yahoo blogging software I'm using has my time zone wrong. I'm Eastern Standard, not GMT."

Did I say something bad?

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