Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sunni politicians charge America, Iran and Shiites with plots or unfairness, but most say need America for protection

"Sadoon al-Zubaidi, who was Mr. Hussein’s chief English-speaking interpreter and now acts as an adviser to the Sunni bloc in Parliament, said the setback for Republicans in the elections was a moment for Americans to realize what 'a total failure' the invasion of Iraq had been.
'The Americans came to Iraq three and a half years ago to do something good for Iraqis, to free them from dictatorship,' he said. 'That has failed. The Americans helped, encouraged and planted civil disorder and sectarianism.' " [1]

"Sunni members of parliament over the past two days have threatened to walk out of the legislature and take up arms. They charge the Shiite-dominated government with refusing to meet their demands for a fair division of power and natural resources.
The dean of the Sunni politicians in parliament [Adnan al-Dulaimi] said Thursday there were attempts by Iran to run Sunnis out of the country." [2]

"Sunni politicians, many of them harsh critics of American troops at earlier stages of the war, have said they consider the American troops as their only reliable protection against the Shiite militias that have struck back at Sunni insurgents’ attacks on Shiite civilians by dispatching death squads that have killed thousands of Sunnis." [1]

[1] The New York Times. In Iraq, New Calculations of the U.S. Role. November 9, 2006.
[2] The Washington Post. Iraqi Official: 150,000 Civilians Dead. November 10, 2006.

posted: saturday, november 11, 2006, 3:56 AM ET
update: saturday, november 11, 2006, 4:07 AM ET


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